Schoolkids ELA Meetup

We have been hinting at this for awhile, but it is finally coming together: The Schoolkids English Language Arts Meetup!

The aim of this meetup is to give English language speakers in grades 2 – 5 a bit of playful support in their English language skills. It is not an English as a Foreign Language class; the curriculum is much more inspired by primary school Language Arts classes in countries where English is the native language. The meetup is particularly aimed at giving English-speaking children who attend German schools the kind of Language Arts learning experience which they miss, since their schools only offer English as a foreign language (children in other situations are also welcome; just let us know if there is something unusual about your child’s situation or if they have a particular need).

The initial meetup series will be five 90-minute sessions on consecutive Saturdays in November and December. A trained English teacher will lead the group in reading, listening to and discussing a challenging chapter book together; executing a collaborative project which involves creating characters, interacting and writing short stories; and playing interactive language-learning and vocabulary-enriching games. If there is sufficient interest, the possibility exists to continue the meetups in the new year.

Without further ado, Info in (somewhat) Brief:
Dates: 10. November, 17. November, 24. November, 1. December, 8. December
Time: 13:30 – 15:00
Location: Helen Doron Learning Centre, Berliner Str. 118, 13187 Berlin (NOTE: NOT the Wichertstr. or any other Helen Doron Centre! This is the one NEAR THE PANKOW TRAIN STATION.)
Requested Donation: 60€ for Saturday Club members; 75€ for non-members (15€/12€ per session). This goes to the teacher, books, supplies and – last but not least – room rent.
Please note: We are asking students to commit to all 5 classes, with the option to cancel at the end of the first session (only students who commit to all 5 classes will receive the book). This is both because we need to order supplies in advance, and because students will not make progress if they miss classes.

And, way down here at the bottom, what you were all waiting for:
The Non-Binding Interest Form

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