Paddington Bear?

Screenshot at 2020-03-11 21-55-44Hello everyone! We have an exciting lineup of Paddington-themed meetups planned for you this weekend, but considering the situation, we have decided to make some changes in our admin:
1. The Toddler meetup (3:15) is CANCELED until further notice. Sorry everyone 😢 we hope we can get this meetup back soon!
2. The Preschool and Schoolkids meetups (1:30) are by REQUEST ONLY. That means, if you want to bring your child to one of these meetups, please let us know by FRIDAY NOON. We will then decide on Friday afternoon whether we will hold the meetup on Saturday.
This makes us super sad, because our drop-in groups have been doing so well, but we know everyone needs to make their own call on how to approach this situation (and if we just go ahead and stubbornly hold empty or near-empty meetups, we will run out of budget – we want to continue to be here for you when this is all over!)
So please CONTACT US if you are interested in coming this weekend!!!
Much love,
Your Saturday Club Admin Team

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