Sports, Movement & Meditation

Feeling a little creaky in the bones or need to get some wiggles out? Here are some options for stay-at-home exercise as well as a neighborhood walking game:


The classes are in German but the teachers speak English as well. They offer Irish step Ballet and Hip Hop Dance and a special Akro-dance class just for Boys.

This Saturday April 4th from 12-12:45  they will be offering a Family Fitness and Dance Class for 7€. It will be in English and German. Register on their website: 

You can also book online dance classes through URBAN SPORTS CLUB

The Center

The Center in Prenzlauer Berg is offering  live-streamed English, dance and acting classes. Check out their website for prices and listings.

Cosmic Kids Yoga 

Yoga and mindfulness for kids on You Tube with instructor Jamie. (See Featured Image above.)

Yoga Alphabet on You Tube with Bari Koral

She has other videos on her channel too like “Gingerbread Relaxation” and “Star Energy Mindfulness”

Check the links out on her website:

ZUMBA with KIDS has been a fun video to dance along to at our place (there are several versions, here is the Minions one:)

Sport auf Deutsch

If your kids speak German (not really necessary as they can just follow the movements) there is this You Tube channel from Verein Alba is offering online sports classes, suitable for school age kids:

Crab & Whale by Mark Pallis & Christine Kerr, with illustrations by James Cottell.

Here is a sweet storybook we’ve come across to teach Mindfulness to children ages 2-8:


To add a little fun to your walk around the neighborhood, you can use these Berlin BINGO cards, in regular or “Zen” versions (right-click to download images):


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