Juggle and Breathe!

Hi Everyone! Let’s take it a little bit easy, since it’s Osterferien, so take time to breathe, but don’t forget to move your bodies!
Here are some great options for movement, breathing, and meditation this week:

New Victory Theater
Just Move Week
Movement games, follow-along videos, DIY Choreography and Dancing with some of New York City’s finest artists.
The week has passed, but you can watch all the videos online at: https://newvictory.org/new-victory-arts-break-just-move-we…/

Juggling Week
This week learn juggling online with a new way to fight off gravity!:

Meditation before bedtime
A multistage class brings awareness to the energy in the body and then focuses it during meditation. Vibras incorporates yoga, energization, and concentration exercises that are suitable for both parents and kids
Session for children 4-7
7:30 pm Berlin time (10:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Central, 1:30pm Eastern)
Session for children 8-11
8:30 pm Berlin time (11:30am Pacific, 1:30pm Central; 2:30pm Eastern)
This event is live streamed for FREE. Visit Vibras Meditation to Register and receive a link to the live stream for that class.

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 17.27.56

Check out this Triangle breathing video on You Tube to calm your anxiety:

Stop, Breathe & Think
With an emphasis on fun activities and meditations, this app is designed to help kids with focus, quiet, peaceful sleep, and processing emotions. Your little one will learn mindful breathing and the importance of checking in with herself. She’ll also win stickers for completing “missions.” Ages 5-10; download for free.

Bloom App by Brian Eno
This is a calming app with repeating sound patterns by the famous musician and producer, Brian Eno:
$3.99 in the App store

I’ve made a new set of Bingo cards with sounds, for your neighborhood walks. Perhaps they will help bring some mindfulness to your child’s day as well;


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