Paper Airplanes and Folded Paper Crafts

My son LOVES making paper airplanes and we have already gone through a ream of paper during quarantine. I’ve even let him toss a few out the window with the caveat that he needs to write “a nice message” on it for someone to find. Airplane races in the park have been a pretty regular routine too.
This website has a a great assortment paper airplane tutorials you can sort by difficulty level and whether you want to go for distance or time aloft or with or without cuts. Some really great options:
There are of course tons of online tutorials for paper airplanes on You Tube…Here are a couple of our favorites:
5 different far-fliers in one video:
Foldable Flight f-15 Jet
This one boomerangs back to you!:
Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls
Make a Paper Horse that actually walks (STEM project):
How to fold paper Ninja Stars:
30 Origami crafts for kids. My son loves making the frog, it even actually hops a bit!:
To celebrate Spring, here is a video on how to make
Easy Tulip Origami:
Make a beautiful spring mobile, including Origami Butterflies, follow these steps in German:

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