Educational Resources in German

Hallo Eltern!

If you are looking for some e-learning links for your kids in German, here are some great options:

Story Time in German: Twice a day they live stream stories for kids. 11 for the 4-7 year olds, and 15:00 for the 7-10 year olds. You can watch the videos of the previous ones on the site as well.

The German Project
For little kids and learners of German, this site has 12 free German lessons and 5 fairy tales you can listen to:…

NOTE: The German Project also has a new website called The Fable Cottage where you can listen to stories in English, French, Italian, Spanish or German: bilingual tales for language learners:

Planet Schule
A really great resource (in German) of learning links for all levels: They have films, “knowledge pools” and interactive games on almost every topic. Learn about the Romans, study coding, learn how far exactly is two meters, discover the deep seas…You can search by hundreds of subjects in their database of articles, films, multimedia and series.


DLR_Next (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt)
An amazing science website for kids with learning materials, projects, and multimedia about space, air travel, machines, robots, energy, digitalization, and vehicles. #Scienceathome

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 02.52.18

A kid’s website with a political theme. It is made by the Federal Centre for Political Education in Bonn, Germany. It has articles, comics, discussions, games, book tips and more. It has both a German and English version.

2DF Virtuelles Klassenzimmer
2DF has an excellent assortment of educational videos for varied ages:

Arte Teenie Ecke
Educational Videos from Arte, geared towards families and children:…/RC-016364/wissen-fuer-gross-und-klein/

Bayerischen Rundfunks /Bayern Radio
Kinder Mediathek with audio book from Pumuckl, Hand Washing Song, Checker Tobi + Checker Julian, Willi Wills Wissen, Classic (Musik) für Kinder, and more.

They also have a BR Learn at Home Mediathek with learning videos in subjects including German, English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, History, Physics and Communication here:…/rubriken/themenseite-schule-daheim-100

Bilding Art and Architecture
A friend of ours runs this art and architecture school for kids in Innsbruck. They have some online art-focussed workshops and challenges for kids here: .…

Berlinische Galerie
Learn how to make your own photo filter in this video from Atelier Bunter Jakob…/angebote/familien-kinder/…

Kika has some cute coloring page downloads if your kid is into the Kikaninchen show

But even better—check out their TanzAlarm show, you can Dance with a Tapir!

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 02.50.17

And don’t forget to integrate some sport!
Verein Alba is offering online sports classes, suitable for school age kids:


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