Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate, let’s learn how our mother planet is called in different languages. The word ”Earth” came from the Anglo-Saxon word “erda” and the German word “Erde,” both of which mean ground or soil. The Old English version of these words became “eor(th)e” or “ertha,” which eventually became “Earth.”

So how should you refer to your home planet when you visit another country? In Spanish, you’d call it Tierra. Other versions of Earth include Aarde (Dutch), Terre (French), Jorden (Danish), Duniya (Swahili), Bumi (Indonesian), Laté (Haitian Creole), Chikyū (Japanese), Dìqiú (Chinese), Zemlja (Croatian), Toké (Albanian), Lupa (Filipino) and Yer (Azerbajani.) How do you say “Earth” in your language?

How many languages can you say “Earth” in? You can find even more versions here: https://www.indifferentlanguages.com/words/earth

Here is a fun activity: Do you believe there is life on other planets? If there are aliens, how would you want to describe Earth to them? Draw a travel brochure describing its many wonders.

Tinker Lab has a list of 50 fun-filled activities for kids to do on Earth Day:

Left Brain Craft Brain ha a list of Earth Day Science Experiments you can check out here:

And don’t forget today is the free Go with YoYo Yoga Festival on Zoom at 16:30 Berlin time (10 am EST) with playful yoga, live music, mindfulness and mandala craft: click here to register: https://zoom.us/…/regi…/tJYqc-ugqjgoGtCvQxPtGrKdryR9vxPCN9Tb

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