Online Tutoring


A team of Harvard and MIT undergraduates has launched “CovEd,” an online platform to pair volunteer tutors with grade school K-12 students that need educational support and mentorship during the coronavirus crisis. For students under 18 years old, we require that parents be present during tutoring sessions.

Varsity Tutors

Has released a free product called Virtual School Day for students and parents, as schools close across the globe due to the coronavirus pandemic. Virtual School Day offers more than 20 hours of live, online classes across a variety of core subjects for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Each class is taught by an expert tutors, who has experience both teaching the subject matter but also giving instruction virtually.

Core classes include K-12 math (from arithmetic to calculus), reading, literature, writing and K-12 science (biology, chemistry, physics), as well as a handful of other sessions. For example, Virtual School Day offers study hall sessions with expert tutors in math, science and English for students who want to focus on certain subjects. Virtual School Day will also have special sessions for each age group, including The Story of Your Favorite Fairy Tales and Secrets of Staying Healthy for elementary students, The Science of Pandemics and Video Game Sound Design for middle schoolers and History of the National Parks and Careers in Science for high schoolers.

Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 13.19.06

Juni Learning

A math and computer science tutoring website is offering free projects, worksheets, video tutorials, and more for multiple subjects and ages during school closures:

Skooli online tutors in multiple subjects, specialized in Math (for a fee)

Linden Education

Offers Academic coaching, therapy/counseling, diagnostic assessment, behavioral support and speech therapy. (For a fee)

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This article provides a list  of U.S.-based online tutors (fee-based):

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