Make Some Noise!

Hello Parents!

Today we have found some new ways to drive the neighbors crazy! It’s Tap Dance Week at the New Victory Theater and I have also included links for basic step and tap dancing, a little kids singalong and a dinosaur stomp exercise video to get the blood flowing. Enjoy!

Koo Koo Kanga Roo-Dinosaur Stomp 

Here is a great silly kids exercise video for warming up (you can also find them on Go Noodle)

New Victory Arts Break

Includes all the steps from making your own tap shoes, tapping out a beat and choreographic your own dance:

Tap Dance Week:

Also, while you are there, be sure to check out their really awesome series from last week where kids can learn about and make their own Sound Effects:

Just Tap

How to Tap Dance-Beginner Tutorial


For some fun inspiration, check out Gregory Hines and Savion Glover do the Opposite Dance on Sesame Street:

and Bring in da Noise with Savion Glover from 2002

Howcast Beginner Step Combo Tutorial with Victor Sho

Step is a bit more like cheerleading or military style dancing mixed with hip hop, but you can also make a lot of noise with it and it’s especially fun if you have someone to do it with together. Victor Sho has a whole series of these on You Tube so you can start with the beginner one, and Step (haha) up.

Watch for inspiration:

Stomp the Yard Thetas Dance sequence 

Finally, I would like to mention this fun singalong for the tots in the group, including a drum circle and a song about car sounds:

Mr. Aaron’s Intergalactic Music Spectacular

Aaron was my accordion teacher in Brooklyn, but now he has three kids of his own and is doing singalong videos for little ones free to view here on his YouTube channel (This is good for preschool through 6 years old:)

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