Update from the Board

Hello Saturday Club Members and Friends! Here’s a small update from your board.

First of all, thank you all very much for your patience and fortitude – we miss you all very much! It’s been three months since we’ve had a meetup. Our partner and headquarters location, Helen Doron English, was also closed for many weeks, and has only recently been allowed to hold a few classes, under very strict, limited rules, which wouldn’t yet work for us.
We want to send a great big thank you out to Heather, who has been keeping us informed and our spirits up with a series of regular posts about activities and resources for multilingual kids! We are sure many people have been as inspired as we have by her posts.

This is the time of year that Saturday Club regularly goes into a short period of aestivation (haha, snuck in a vocabulary word there!) as summer holidays arrive, and starts to prepare for the new club year starting in August. This year is no exception – we are working on many ideas to keep serving our multilingual members and friends in the new year, including – by hook or by crook – somehow – new meetups!

We’d like to take this moment to reach out to all of you and encourage you to send us notes, either publicly in the comments or by direct message – how can we be here for you? What do you need most from Saturday Club? Do you have any ideas for how we can creatively support our members and friends during these strange, ever-changing times?

With much love,
Your Saturday Club Board

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