Activities for Babies & Tots

Hi Parents! Here are some fun activities to keep you and your baby or toddler entertained at home. Let us know in the comments if you try any of them out, or if you have other fun suggestions or tips.

Carnegie Hall’s Lullaby Project Journal (Printable PDF) is a sweet way for parents to create their own special song for their baby. The project paired new parents with professional musicians to create their songs together. It has sadly reached capacity but you can download and print the form and write your own lullaby following the easy steps.

Here is the Soundcloud link to listen to the lullabies made so far. A wonderful soundtrack for bedtime!

For more info on the project:


DIY Sensory Activities you can do at home with your little one:

Rice Bin: Babies and toddlers love the feel of the rice and you can place small toys for them to push around, bury and discover:

Sensory Bags: kids can squeeze, feel, and pound without fear of anything breaking. With a strip of painter’s tape, they also become useful tools in training your baby to sit up on her own.

Sensory Bottles: You can experiment with different shapes and sizes of bottles, make them with liquid or seeds, any kind of small decorative objects you have at home and seal with hot or super glue:

(See feature image. Image credit: Plain Vanilla Mom)

Baby Water Play: Simple fun exercise for supervised tummy time, babies can splash using just a baking tray and bath toys:

Playing with Light: Make a fibre optic cave with lights and a cardboard box. Can also use Christmas lights:

Make your own Texture Book: A bit labor intensive but you may have most of these items around the house anyway:

Make a Spider Web Discovery Basket: An easy way to keep your baby occupied for hours, if you have one of these laundry baskets with holes:

Video of the basket “in action”:

Sensory Board: You can find lots of tutorials for more advanced wooden versions if you or someone you know are handy with tools. If not, here is a video tutorial for an easy and affordable version:

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