Super Ferien Pass Berlin

Hi Everyone! 

Happy Saturday! Just a tip-I got this Super Ferien Pass for 9€. You can get one at Rewe, FEZ, your local Bürgeramt or online at

It is for kids up to age 18, and has coupons for tons of stuff around Berlin. The Badekarte alone makes it worthwhile, as the kids can go swimming for free, and it is not just for summer holidays, but also valid for dates during Fall, Winter and Easter breaks. Besides the pools, there are free or discounted passes for museums, the zoo and Tierpark, art workshops, cinema, nature programs, dance classes and more. Even if you don’t use the coupons, it is also a great way to find out about all these different locations and offerings for kids throughout the city. Stay safe and have fun!

(Photo Credit: Rebecca Haupt)

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