Become a Pen Pal to the Elderly

Hi Families! While things are slowly starting to open up for us here in Berlin, our elderly populations throughout the world are still at risk. Here is a nice way for you or your child to reach out to who are isolated during the pandemic. Below is a list of initiatives through which you can send a message to an elderly person and help brighten up their day. 

Write a letter to someone in a nursing home (USA):

Love for the Elderly

Good Morning America

This article is from March but it has a list of nursing homes requesting letters at the bottom.

Care Not Covid asks folks to record a video and send a  message:

Victorian Senior Care Home in North Carolina seeking pen pals. See their Facebook page for the requests from residents #VSC Penpals,

Germany/Deutschland: (See Feature Image)


The Haven iResidential Home in Metheringham:

1lettre1sourire/One Letter One Smile (started in France and Belgium, but also has nursing homes registered in Switzerland, USA, UK, Canada and Luxembourg). They send a photo and text online. 

Please comment below  f you know of any other organizations, groups, or even individuals looking to receive letters.

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