Fun Science Experiments!

Hello Families! There are so many cool science experiments you can do at home with your kids! This week I will share a few that look really fun and not too complicated:

PBS Parents

Make invisible ink!: Write a secret message with baking soda and water that can later be revealed with lemon juice:

Here is a way to do make Invisible Ink with lemon juice and heat (here they use an iron):

The Bearded Science Guy

The Bearded Science Guy also has a video on how to make your own (temporary) Lava Lamp in a glass: 

The instructions use Alka Seltzer but you can substitute the German version: Aggrenox (Aspirin, Dipridamole) or even try a Brause Tablet and see what happens.

Create a Vacuum (WikiHow)

Like a magic trick! Here you can squeeze a boiled egg into a milk bottle:

Turn Milk into Plastic Using White Vinegar 

Science Buddies

You need to create an account to see the full instructions, but it’s free and the website has tons of fun STEM projects from chemistry to robotics. This project takes 2 days:

Non-Newtonian Fluids


Make Ooblek (a kind of slime that acts like a liquid AND a solid) using just cornstarch, water and food coloring:

Here is another Ooblek instructional video which includes a great explanation about the states of matter from Crash Course Kids:

Here is a fun video with Grover from Sesame Street with 5 experiments including Ooblek on a sub-woofer and a glittery volcano:

Check back or follow us for more fun science experiments or send us a comment if you have some favorites of your own to share.

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