Science Experiments You Can Eat!

Hi Everyone! Happy Saturday! A lot of cooking involves both chemistry and math but don’t tell the kids! Here are some fun explorations to do with your kids in the kitchen:


How Stuff Works

Make your own ice cream in a freezer bag. Kids learn about chemistry, freezing, phases of matter, solutions, freezing point depression:

or on Science Buddies (This website asks you to create an account, but it’s free and there are tons of great project ideas):

Little House on the Prairie

Make your own butter by shaking a bag of cream.

Or if you prefer to watch a video here is one from SciShowKids:


Grow Rock Candy in a Glass (this can take from 3 days to about two weeks). Kids learn about crystallization process. This includes step by step as well as a video narrated by a child:

(See Feature Image)


Make your own marshmallows: This project takes about an hour to “cook up,” and a couple of days to finalize. Kids learn about chemistry, boiling point, and ratios


Make a Slushy:

This project takes 20 minutes plus up to a day to freeze. Kids learn about freezing point depression:

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