More Science Fun!

Hi Everyone! We’ve got a few more fun science experiments for you to check out today!

Send us a message if you have your own tips and tricks or if you try it out with your kids!

Vanilla Apple Taste Test. In this fun experiment (PDF Download), kids learn how taste is connected to smell:

Blow up a balloon using carbon dioxide! This little kid does a really great job of explaining and demonstrating the experiment you can do at home with a balloon, two funnels, a plastic bottle, vinegar and baking soda. Whiz Kid Science:


Home Science Tools:

Here are two fun experiments you can do with your kids to learn about germs: The famous glitter experiment (Be prepared to find glitter all over your place!) and the MOLDY potato (or bread) experiment:

Steam Powered Family has this beautiful LED lit up flower craft you can make with your kids, somewhere between science, tech and art:

(See Featured Image)

Try this awesome MAGIC MILK experiment creating a chemical reaction with soap on Living Life and Learning:


Raising Lifelong Learners

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