All About Archaeology!

Hi Everyone! Happy Saturday! This week we are going to explore Archaeology! Today we have a list of links to learn about what Archaeology is. 

Archaeology is the study of things that people made, used, and left behind. The goal of archaeology is to understand what people of the past were like and how they lived.(

One of the great things about traveling is visiting historical sites and learning about how other people lived. With travel currently limited, here is a nice way to visit some sites virtually and to learn a bit about archaeology. Be sure to check back for more links this week and send us a comment if you have any tips or links to share.

Nat Geo Kids
All About Archaeology: This one minute video for kids explains what archaeology is

(See featured image)

SciShow Kids 
Solving Mysteries with Archaeology: This video explains archaeology to kids a little more more in depth:

Archaeology Magazine:
Here you can check out the “top ten archeological discoveries of 2019:”…/8233-top-10-discoveries-of-20…

National Geographic Archaeology (For older Kids) Articles, videos and online tool to become a “space archaeologist”:

Here is a video shot on a real archaeological site in Jordan explaining in detail what a typical day would be like on the job:

Check back for our next post with links to virtual tours of top archaeological sites around the world. Be sure to send us a comment if you have any other tips or links to share.

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