Archaeology DIY Projects

Hi Everybody! This week we are exploring Archaeology! Check the last two posts to get a better idea about WHAT IT IS, and Take some 360 degree virtual tours! Today we have some fun DIY Projects you can do at home with your little explorers:

Here you can make your own Archaeology Dig Kit with plaster: Hours of Fun! Great way to hide small gifts and make your kids work for them!

Here is another video for an excavation kit, smaller ones would be great for a kid’s party:

(See featured image)

This website has steps for building a Lego Stratigraphy:…/

Here is a good source for learning about Archaeology and Strata:

The Great Garbage Mystery:
Here kids go through trash (you can presort it of course) to make inferences about the people who it belonged to…/great-garbage-mys…

National Geographic (1 min) Video: Archaeologists Are Coming for Your Trash:

Here is even an archeological “snack” from Shari Blogs: Besides gummy worms you could hide other hard candies on the different “layers”
Place a different type of candy in each layer and have kids tell you which is “older” using the Law of Superposition!

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