Let’s Talk About the Weather: Books for Kids

Hi Everyone! Happy Saturday! Today we have some children’s book recommendations in English and German that talk about the weather! Be sure to check our previous posts about the weather and weather related science and art activities! 

From Scholastic:

https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/teaching-tools/book-lists/23-must-have-books-to-teach-about-weather.html (See Feature Image)

From We Are Teachers (K-5):

Alle Wetter

Here is an absolutely gorgeous book by Artist Britta Teckentrup in German:


And of course the Ravensburger book series in German: “Wieso? Weshalb? Warum?” is always a great learning tool. My kid loves opening all the little flaps inside: “Unser Wetter” for ages 4-7:


Wolken, Wind und Wetter: Alles, was man über Wetter und Klima wissen muss. Ein Kinder-Uni-Buch (Also comes as an audio book:)


Send us a comment if you know of any other great weather related books!

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