Berlin’s Hidden Parks and Best Places to Picnic

With the warm sunny weather and social distancing still in effect, there’s no better time for an afternoon picnic in one of the Berlin’s parks. We’ve put together a list of some of the city’s hidden parks for a change of scene, as well as a link to choose from the very best beloved picnic spots in the city.

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Hidden Parks


Klausenerplatz (14059 Berlin)

Located just across the street from the sprawling Schloss Charlottenburg gardens, this small park has a playground with fun water features as well as picnic tables shaded from the sun.


Forckenbeckplatz (Thaerstraße 28A, 10249 Berlin)

This small, landscaped park boasts an elephant-themed splash fountain for cool summer fun. You’ll also find the Abenteuer- und Bauspielplatz Forcki, a playground area for kids 6-14.


Böcklerpark (Böcklerstraße 6, 10969 Berlin)

The small park stretches along the Landwehr canal. It’s green lawn is shaded from the sun so you can spread out the picnic blanket and watch the boats go by. It’s a cool relaxed atmosphere with a lot of young folks so you may experience some wafts of weed smoke and music trilling from mobile speakers, but there is also a small playground and tons of kids running about.


Körnerpark (Schierker Str. 8, 12051 Berlin)

A true oasis of calm in the busy neighborhood of Neukolln. Water trips down the steps of a large fountain and its gravel paths are lined with concrete planters of flowers. Take a break from your picnic to visit the park’s gallery for a dose of art and a cappuccino. 


Goethepark (Ugandastraße 17, 13351 Berlin)

This small park has a large green field ringed with tall, shady trees. It’s perfect for games of frisbee and football as well as kids who like to run around. 

Krausnickpark (Oranienburger Straße 19, 10178 Berlin) A small park made up of combined courtyards behind a full block of buildings. Across from Monbijoupark. Two playground areas and a sloping grassy area for picnics and even a couple of hammocks at the bottom of the hill.

Prenzlauer Berg

Leisepark (Heinrich-Roller-Straße 24 10405  Berlin)

The product of a local neighborhood initiative, this park is located on the former site of St. Marien-St. Nicolai cemetery. Parts of the former graves peak out from the park’s wilder fauna, creating a special, peaceful atmosphere. 


Heinrich von Kleist Park (10781 Berlin)

The impressive stone pillars of the Königskollonade at this park’s entrance give way to a large green space with ample room for picnicking and fun. There’s also a small playground for the park’s younger guests. 

Popular Picnic Spots

If you prefer a non-hidden/ easily accessible option, Visit Berlin has a great list in English of the top eleven picnic spots in Berlin as well. One of our favorites is the Volkspark Friedrichschain by the little stream and duck pond but we hope to check out some of these others and hidden parks as well:

Berlin has so many wonderful green spaces and kid-friendly parks, please let us know if you have your own favorite picnic spot you’d like to share.

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