Flyboy and the Robot

Hi Parents! Check out this free online shadow puppet theater performance by London’s Little Angel Theater (Donations requested.)

Flyboy and the Robot is an original story from multi-disciplinary artist and musician Matthew Robins.

Matthew has been writing and performing an on-going series of stories about Flyboy for the last 10 years.  Using black paper, a scalpel, and a piano they are his own home-made way of recreating all the things he loves – 1950s science-fiction films, Sesame Street cartoons, the Beano, old Tom Waits records. Flyboy and the Robot is one of his favorite stories to perform as it combines many of his favorite things: crocodiles, robots, and sausages, and lots of diminished-seventh chords.

The video is available starting 6am Eastern, 12pm Berlin time starting today Sunday August 9th. This and many other performances are available to view on their website, as well as puppet craft activities and a platform to share their puppets:

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