Happy School Start! …and some meetup details!

Hello again members and friends!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the families who are celebrating their “frisch gebackene” first graders today! It was so fun to walk through Mitte this morning and see all of the cute outfits, Schultüten and great big smiles.

For those of you who have been eager for more information about our meetups, here are some more details:

First 4 dates: 5. September, 12. September, 19. September, 26. September

Preschool Group times:
14:05 – 15:05 Early Session (max 6)
15:20 – 16:10 Late Session (opens when the early one fills) (max 6)

Schoolkid Group Times:
13:55 – 14:55 Reading and Writing (max 4)
15:16 – 16:15 Science Experiments and Other Projects (max 4)

“Hygieneplan” details and signup forms will be coming soon! In the meantime, send us a message if you have any questions!

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