Learning About Entomology: Lesson Plans and Workshops

Hi Parents! To further explore our study of insects, here are a couple of cool lesson plans you can do with your kids:

California Academy of Sciences has this great lesson plan to “Invent an Insect”

Appropriate for 2nd to 6th Graders with downloadable forms, teacher prep instructions, and extensions and variations—Looks like tons of fun!:


The Getty Museum has this Lesson on Insect Anatomy Illustration for Lower Primary School kids (K-5) where they look at a  17th century drawing of insects, describe and identify the parts of its body and draw one of their own: http://www.getty.edu/education/teachers/classroom_resources/curricula/art_science2/lesson01.html

(See Featured Image)

Eva Vanga: Here you can sign up for a free Entomology Homeschool Course for kids online: Subscribe to the newsletter to get the next start date: https://evavarga.net/an-introduction-to-entomology-free-online-workshop/

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