Mythology for Kids: Video Resources

Hi Everyone! This week we are exploring Mythology for kids, and today I have a long list of great video resources you can watch together. Please be aware that some of the myths have quite disturbing or violent content, so you may want to preview them if watching with younger children.

TedEd: 5 Myths from around the World:

Videos explaining myths about the Chinese Zodiac, The Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche, The Irish Myth of Oisin and the land of eternal youth, the Cambodian Khmer myth of Lightning, Thunder and Rain, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead:

Geethanjali Kids

Here is a YouTube Playlist of 12 Greek Mythologies as short animated videos:

Beware: some of the stories are a bit violent with barbarians, battles, sacrifices and killing.

Mocomi  Kids, Indian Myths 

Animated video of some of India’s most popular myths: Beware: there are demons and revenge stories, but also fascinating creatures.

The Life Guide

Norse Mythology Explained in 15 Minutes: Tales of Odin, Thor, Loki, Borr, Surt, Mimir, Freya and Tyr explained in this short video.

The Life Guide also has this video explaining Egyptian Mythology (Gods) in 13 minutes:

Home Team History:

Animated video of Ugandan Mythology: The Origin of Death: (see Feature Image)

Captivating History

Aztec Mythology: Creation Story told in a 16 minute Animation:

Captivating History also has an animated video about the Hindu Creation Myth:

Maori Myths and Legends from Tedx Auckland: I remember from my childhood in New Zealand all of the wonderful folktales and Maori myths which resonated with me for years. Here you can see this fascinating hour and half long history lesson about native New Zealander’s mythology with images,  animations and discussions from natives and scholars:

Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth

This is a truly wonderful interview series with Bill Moyers from 1988. I really enjoyed it as a teenager. It is conversation discussing integration of myth in popular (western) culture (including Star Wars) and it’s relation to the ego. You can watch the series on vimeo The videos and book are also available on Amazon.

On Moyer’s On Democracy Website, you can read the transcript of each episode for free:’s-adventure-audio/

Netflix’s Myths and Monsters documentary series  (Rated PG, 2017) had 6 episodes and tells the stories “that have gripped imaginations for centuries and reveals the fascinating and unexpected history behind them”

You can see this video from the series discussing Joseph Campbell & The Hero’s Journey (“Heroes & Villains,” S1E1):

Please note: we are not paid to advertise and are just posting things we think may be of interest to our community. Proceed at your own discretion.

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