Mythology for Kids: Activity Ideas

Hi Everyone! This week we are exploring Mythology with kids. Today we have some fun ideas for Myth-related Activities:

-Make a comic book version of a myth you have read: retell a story from the perspective of one of the other characters (i.e. “What did the Minotaur think?” “Was Medusa having a bad day?” “Was Anansi misunderstood?”)

-Video-tape an “interview” where characters from the myths are interviewed for a talk show: have the host ask questions about their motivations and future plans…

-Paint portraits or make masks depicting the characters in the myths, act out scenes,

-Make a stop-motion animation of a myth (see our tutorial on how to make a stop-motion using iMovie here:,

-Craft and play a matching game where you draw cards and kids need to match up the god with his or her power. 

This website has a lot of fun ideas for mythology related activities:

Create your own Greek Mythology Playscape:

Here is a tutorial for a Medusa inspired mask:


Jugend im Museum: Modern Demons, Ghosts and Shadow Worlds Herbstferien Workshop

Draw, collage and construct with cardboard in 3D: this wonderful workshop for kids ages 7-12 at the George Kolbe Museum takes place Monday October 19th through Thursday October 22nd, 10-15:00 (4 x 5 hrs) . Inspired by the artwork of the Japanese outsider artist Shinichi Sawada (on exhibit at the museum), whose ceramic creatures look like they could have stepped out of a mythological world. (79€ including materials) Bring lunch and drink.

Georg Kolbe Museum, Sensburger Allee 25, 14055 Berlin

Limited to 6 so sign up early

Please note: We are not paid to advertise and cannot attest to the quality of the services or activities listed, just putting things out there that we think would be of interest to our community. 

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