Palais Idéal

Does your kid like to collect stones? Rather than toss them, why not build something? Here is a little inspiration.

Have you heard of the The Palais Ideal?

In the South of France is an amazing piece of “naive” art, a palace built stone by stone by Joseph Ferdinand Cheval, a rural postman and self-taught artist, over three decades between 1879 and 1912. It incorporates the styles of many different cultures he took from postcards he delivered as well as personal poetry by the artist.

See the articles below for more about this fascinating work of art:

Archaeology World

An Article from the Weiner Zeitung “Genie oder Wahnsinn?”

Photo: Hirschmann

Here you can see a 6-minute video about the work:

Here is a 1 and a half minute drone fly-though video:

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