Free Math Apps for Kids

Hi Parents!

Here are some cool and FREE Math Apps that will help your kids learn while playing:

Laser Math: Laser Math is a laser and neon themed mathematic game. It is designed for practicing summation, subtraction, multiplication and division.

 It has 3 Game Modes: 

– Classic: Type the correct answer

– Multiple Choice: Select the correct answer

– True/False: Is the answer correct?

There are 100 difficulty options suitable for everybody. You have to keep Neon Man away from the laser. Because the laser melts Neon Man. But he can regenerate again. If you answer questions correctly, you will make combos and gain more points. Also you can color Neon Man as you wish with the points you gain.

Space Pig

Space Pig Math is an action game for practicing your times tables – up to 12×12 – with satisfying, visceral feedback and retro-inspired visuals and sounds. Blast through waves of asteroids and aliens to save Space Pig’s Friends – they in turn will give you awesome powerups to help you out!

The game rewards correct, consecutive, and quick answers with over-the-top explosions and effects. It is easy and accessible for the novice, but the challenge is also there for the pros.

Each times table is covered through four unique modes:

– Start with Review to gain a visual understanding of multiplication.

– Relax in Puzzle mode, blasting answers at your leisure.

– Take a break in Free-For-All – pure arcade action, no math required.

– Then put it all together in Challenge mode – use your reflexes and smarts to save Space Pig’s Friends!

You can try the first two levels for free – the game contains one optional in-app purchase to unlock the rest. No wifi connection is required to play, except when making the purchase. Also: – No Ads! – No Subscriptions!

Fraction Challenge:

This kids app focusses just on fractions: the representation of fractions, addition and subtraction with the same and different denominator, multiplication and division of fractions, equivalent fractions and reduction of fractional numbers. Recommended for grades 4-6. Has a multiplayer mode where you can play against a partner. 

Ten Monkeys

You can play on their website Or download one of their Free no-ad arcade-style apps: There is 10 Monkeys Bubbles using subtraction skills to catch as many bubbles as possible, 10 Monkeys Diver (can be difficult to swim carefully and solve math problems simultaneously), 10 Monkeys Junior Math To practice patterns, number solving, counting, geometry, number bonding, and 10 Monkeys Multiplication to practice times tables. 

Multiplication is recommended for ages 4+ and comes in English, German, Finnish and Spanish!

Junior Math and Bubbles are recommended for ages 4+ and come in English

Bubbles is recommended for 8+ and comes in English, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Estonian and Lithuanian!

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