Decorating Pumpkins!

Hi Folks! Only three more days til Halloween! Here are some new fun ideas for decorating pumpkins. It’s not just about carving anymore! No need to worry about sliced fingers and sticky messes (though the sticky mess can also be tons of fun!)

1. Nature animals: Hot glue google eyes, leaves, acorns, sunflower seeds, toothpicks, and twigs to your pumpkin to make cool spooky animals. To make a spider add crafting wire for the legs and tons of eyes on the top! You can also pre-paint the pumpkin in a solid color.

2. Pressed Flower or Feather Pumpkins: Gather some flowers, ferns and leaves or light colorful feathers. Paint your pumpkin with Modge Podge (or a mix of white glue and water) and paint the glue onto the pumpkin. Place the flower or leaf or feather on the pumpkin with tweezers then delicately brush over it again with the glue. Wait for it to dry and repeat. Let it dry for several hours for the final set. You can also pre-paint the pumpkin a nice solid color.

3. Lace Pumpkins: These are pretty but also so cool and spooky. Cut up some old lace stockings and pull a leg section over the pumpkin and twist and secure with a rubber band at the bottom. You can also add straight pins to keep it in place. Stretch the stocking over the pumpkin and secure with a rubber band at the top. Hide the rubber band with a decorative bow.

4. Scaredy Cat Pumpkin: Mask out the ears, eyes, nose and mouth with painters tape, paint your pumpkin black with acrylic paint then peel the tape away to reveal the cat’s face! (See Featured Image)

5. Gourd Ghouls: If you can’t find a good pumpkin, a gourd would do, and they make great goofy ghoulish characters. Paint white to make a ghost, or just get creative with the amazing shapes!

6. Paint your pumpkin solid white or black (acrylic paint is good) and after it is dry apply floral (or spooky) temporary tattoos!

7. Disco Pumpkin! My son loves this idea since he has already requested a DJ set up for Christmas! Paint your pumpkin silver and use tape to make the segments: You can view a step-by-step tutorial here:

(Image Source: Mark Garten, Good Housekeeping & Club Crafted )

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