Free Children’s e-Books

Did you know you could download children’s books for free? A great resource in times of quarantine, and especially attractive if you’ve got a large hard drive. Here are a few great links:

Open Library

This site is part of the nonprofit Internet Archive and houses a collection of more than one million books, with access to over 22,000 free online books for kids – classic and newer titles – for free. 

It continually updates its collection of links to children’s books online, plus other books, so you can rummage through the collection and find a few for your own reading pleasure. Be sure to check the box search for ebooks to find available titles.

  • Books that are freely available for reading or download will have an open book “read” icon next to them.
  • Books that have a “borrow” closed book icon next to them can be borrowed for up to two weeks by registered users.

(See Featured Image)

EPub Children’s Classical Literature: Many classics for older kids such as Anne of Green Gables, Pinocchio, The Arabian Nights, and The Secret Garden.

While I found the free ebooks from the Project Gutenberg were blocked in Germany, here is a link to download some classic picture books for kids from the collection, including Little Bo Peep, a very short rhyming version of Aladdin or the Wonderful Lamp, Sleeping Beauty, an Alphabet Book and more. It will open in an e-reader (mine opened in iBooks)

Oxford Owl for Home: You will need to register on their website, but it is free and you can then access more than 250 Oxford ebooks for kids along with storytelling videos, games and guides to help their reading. For Ages 3-11:

Send us a message if you know of any other great resources for ebooks. We hope to do another post soon with more resources. Check back or follow us for this and more fun stuff!

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