St. Martin’s Day

Hallo Eltern! 

Can it really be November already??

One of my favorite holidays in Berlin is the St. Martin’s Fest on November 11th. Wondering who the heck is St. Martin? You can read more about it, and also learn the song (with English translation) on Berlin for all the Family:

St. Martin is named after a Roman soldier who, as legend tells it, cut his cloak in half to share it with a beggar during a snowstorm. To celebrate, kids craft a lantern and hang it on a stick with a little light (you can find these at most McPaper or DM shops) and then have a little procession around the neighborhood. If your School or Kita is not participating, there are some parades around the city you can join in:

Sunday Nov 8th: Museumsdorf Düppel

A middle-age style parade with horse and rider through the historic village, with music and food for purchase:

14-17:00, 16-19:00, or 17-20:00, 5 Euros, Under 18 Free| Clauertstraße 11, 14163 Berlin

Wednesday Nov 11th: St. Martin Parade at Vierfelderhof (Gatow)

They will have crafting activities, a bazaar with handmade products and snacks, Starts at 16:30, Free entry |Groß-Glienicker Weg 30, 14089 Berlin

Wednesday Nov 11th: St. Martin Fest at Winterfeldtplatz (Schöneberg)

They will have a short performance and parade with singing. They ask visitors to wear a mask and keep 1,5 m distance. Meet at 17:30 at St. Matthias on Winterfeldplatz. Goltzstraße 29, 10781 Berlin

Friday November 13th Sankt-Martin in Kreuzberg Park am Gleisdreieck, 17-20:00

A performance followed by a parade. Afterwards visitors can enjoy hot cocoa or Glühwein, or something off the grill. Free |Meets at the Evangelische Christuskirche Kreuzberg, Wartenburgstraße 7, 10963 Berlin.

Please send us a message know if you of any other St. Martin’s parades or festivals. Some of the events have been cancelled this year. You can check back at the website to see if more dates for other locations will be posted ( a lot are currently unconfirmed):

Be sure to follow up with the organizers closer to the date to be sure it will be taking place. We are not paid to advertise, and cannot attest to the quality or safety of the events listed: proceed at your own discretion.

Follow us or check back for our post about the Martinsgans/St. Martin’s Goose Dinner coming up on Monday and more fun posts to come!

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