Hi Folks! Following up on our post about St. Martin’s day, here are some quick tips about the Martinsgans/GOOSE DINNER-

Since St. Martin was found in a goose-sty, this is where the tradition began: from St. Martin’s day and continuing through Christmas, many restaurants throughout Berlin offer a full-course goose dinner. My family has a tradition of going every year to eat goose at the Prater Gaststätte ( It’s a great substitute for Thanksgiving because you are not confined to one date, and it is more of a seasonal thing. Kids are welcome, but it’s best if you reserve and go early in the evening. Their goose menu will be available starting November 10th.

A bit outside Berlin, (I haven’t been yet), the Spargelhof Klaistow will start their “goose season” November  and it goes through Christmas. You can go there to enjoy the buffet or order your own free-range goose to go (cooked or not/ Please order 10 days ahead.) They have a big playground, rides, and petting zoo for the kids. (Note, you can still catch the Pumpkin Exhibit there up to November 15th.) 

Or, for homebodies, you have the option to order a whole goose dinner to be delivered to your home here: 

Or Top10Berlin has a list of other restaurants throughout the city to enjoy the goose feast:

And for the super adventurous, here are links from to a recipe to make your own!

With apple stuffing and dumplings:

or just the goose:

Do you know a good place to get goose? Or a favorite recipe? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image Source:

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