Thanksgiving in Berlin

Hi Everyone! Many of us American expats are feeling quite thankful this year and even a bit patriotic, but in any case, we all know the best part of Thanksgiving is the FOOD!

Where to buy a Turkey: Most major grocery stores in Berlin will have frozen turkeys available this time of year. You can sometimes find a fresh one at Kaufland or you can inquire at the meat counter in your local grocery if they will order one for you. Some other places you can find a fresh turkey, are Frische Paradies (2 locations Lichtenberg and Charlottenberg), LPG Bio Markt (many locations) or Rogacki (Charlottenberg). Also, these 2 butcher shops come recommended:

Wild & Geflügel Albrecht, Akazienstraße 4, 10823 Berlin Schöneberg tel. 030 7821381

Fleischerei Erchinger (4 locations: Greifswalder Str., Arnswalder Platz, Kollwitzplatz, Helmholtzplatz): Confirmed at 18,99 €/kg.

Please note, a lot of these places require you to pre-order up to two weeks in advance so plan ahead!

Most grocery stores will also have fresh cranberries and sweet potatoes in stock.

Pre-Cooked Meal!:

Humble Pie has teamed up with Fraulein Kimchi to offer Thanksgiving Dinner deliveries again this year!! They have a full menu or “lite” version for 39/29€. Minimum order of two meals. You can also order whole pies! Check out their menu and place an order via their website:

The shop opens for Thanksgiving orders on November 19th.

Please note: We are not paid to advertise and cannot attest to the quality or reliability of the good offered.

Stay tuned for some Thanksgiving crafts, books and activities you can do with your kids to celebrate the holiday fully. Send us a message below if you find any great spots for typical Thanksgiving items.

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