Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities

Hi Folks! Though our celebrations may be limited this year, there’s no reason we can’t have some fun with our families at home. Here is a quick list of Thanksgiving Activities to do with your kids:

Modify traditional games like “Duck Duck Goose” into “Chicken Chicken Turkey,” Do the Hokey Pokey as a Turkey (Put your right wing in and gobble all about,) or Tom Turkey Says (Instead of Simon Says.)

Make Turkey Puppets out of old gloves and felt or real feathers: you can just glue them on with fabric or hot glue but be sure to put something (like cardboard forms) inside the fingers so they don’t get glued shut. Use googly eyes or plastic gems to finish off.

Dream A Little Bigger

Make a Leaf shaped bookmark using just felt and a popsicle stick: cut two identical layers of felt in a leaf shape and glue together with the stick inside.

Make a turkey out of an apple, some toothpicks and some soft candies for the tail and face.

See instructions here:

I love this one: Make a Gratitude Pie! Draw a pie shape with segments on a paper plate. In each slice write something you (or your child) is thankful for. Make a second layer “crust” with red and white lattice. Pin the crust on with a metal brad so it will spin, cut a slice out of the crust to reveal the gratitude segment beneath.

Alternatively you could make a gratitude “tree!” Just grab some cool branches and craft leaves out of paper. On the leaves write what you are  (or your child is) thankful for, punch a hole in each and hang them on the tree with packing string.

And finally, here is a great article from NPR (2015) about how to talk to kids about the complicated history of the Thanksgiving holiday:

Check back on Friday for some fun Thanksgiving book recommendations for kids. Follow us here for this and more fun posts and do send us a message if you have any other tips or ideas!

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