Exploring Photography with Kids: Activities

Hi Everyone! Happy Saturday! Here are some really fun activity prompts for exploring photography with your kids:

Experiments in Composition: 

-Explain the Rule of Thirds-imagine a tic tac toe board on top of the image and the subject of your image placed then on one of the lines or intersections (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_of_thirds

Leading lines: look for lines in the image that will lead the viewer’s eye to a particular point.

Negative Space: Take a photograph focussing on the space between objects, creating shapes around objects, or including large empty areas around a subject where there is very little to distract the eye.

Fill the Frame with an interesting subject or texture.

Black & White

If using a digital camera you can set it to only take black and white images. This will help with identifying lights and darks: light sources and shadows.

Woodland Stories

Create characters or patterns outdoors in the woods or park and photograph them.

Examples of character scenes using natural materials. Check out these “acorn elves” by the Czech artist Petr Václavek: https://dubanci.cz

Patterns using autumn leaves by Andy Goldsworthy: https://mossandfog.com/andy-goldsworthy-fall-leaves/

Examples using collage elements: See garden collages on https://www.instagram.com/simonezimmermannart/

Or get inspiration from the Cottingley Fairies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cottingley_Fairies

Story time

Have kids take a photograph of anything and write a story about it. This will help their language arts skills as well as their creativity. Check out this page that explains a bit more about images that tell a story: https://www.manfrottoimaginemore.com/2016/02/15/storytelling-through-documentary-photography/

Image Credit: Jamie Davis Smith

Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of 20 items they need to find in the house or in the yard. Hand over the camera and have them photograph the options as they find them. Be sure to throw in something of a challenge.


Have them photograph something that starts with each letter of the alphabet. OR-even trickier— find objects that look like each letter. You could just search for the letters of your child’s name, or to form a word to frame like “LOVE” or “FAMILY.”

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