Crafting Holiday Cards

Hi Everyone! It’s time to break out the paint and glitter and do some holiday crafting with your kids! This week we will have a series of posts on fun activities you can do with your kids to get in the holiday spirit.  Since they will need to be posted soon to arrive in time, today we will focus on making holiday cards:

Christmas Cards:

-Glue Hama beads to your folded card in the shape of little presents. Hand print or use a stamp to write your greeting below.

-Take a potato and some white printing ink or acrylic or tempera paint and make this adorable chubby snowman card: Cut a flat end of the potato and dip it in the white paint, then stamp it onto red or natural colored card. Add a felt or cut paper nose and heart. Draw on face and stick arms or glue tiny twigs on.

-Another snowman card can also made using cotton makeup pads (those flat round circles)-glue them to a colored card (2 or 3 circles, as you like) and decorate with felt hat, scarf, nose and buttons (or use real buttons-but you may need to use hot glue if they are a bit heavy)

-You can also make simple ornament cards using glued on buttons (or sequins) and draw thin black lines for the strings. Small drops of hot glue would work best. (And parent supervision!)

-This pasta wreath is so simple and yet so pretty: take some Farfalle (butterfly or bowtie) pasta and paint it green and add some glitter as you like. Add a small red ribbon bow at the bottom. Hot glue will be best for this craft with parent supervision.

-Fingerprint reindeer or Christmas lights from Mum in the Madhouse are super sweet:

If you are not afraid of glitter, this is a really nice leaf print Christmas tree card from Stay at Home Life:

Hannukkah Cards:

Check out these adorable pop-up dreidel or star of David card craft here:

Here is an easy collaged menorah Hanukkah card:

Kwanzaa cards:

You can also make a Kwanzaa Kinara using the same method as the menorah card above.

Or make a colored red, green and yellow sand card for Kwanzaa: Just cover your card stock with glue paste and sprinkle with sand. Do one color at a time and shake it off and let it dry in between. This could also be done with colored glitter or Hama beads.

You can also follow this technique from artful parent of printmaking using styrofoam trays to make your cards with your own design. This is great if you want to make a whole bunch of cards:

You will need styrofoam trays, plates or sheets, water-based printer ink, a brayer, paper, a pencil, and scissors.

Please send us a message if you have any other tips and ideas for holiday cards and check back in coming days for more crafting ideas!

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