Christmas Crafts with Kids

Hi Folks! It’s time to get out the crafting materials and decorate for the holidays! We have compiled today a few sweet and easy Christmas/seasonal crafts you can do with your kids. Check back in a couple of days for another list which will include Hanukkah and Kwanzaa crafts as well:

Here is a super cute and easy pinecone tree from PJs and Paint: you just need a pine cone, acrylic paint (optional glitter) and a small slice of wood (or can use a jar lid) for the base. They used a wooden star for the top but if you can’t find one, you can just make one with gold yardstick or ribbon:

You can also use the pinecones to make little birds or other animals: if you add a Santa hat, it’s a Christmas decoration! This tutorial from Geo-lino is in German but easy to follow. You can use paint, felt, feathers, googly eyes, pompoms and ribbon:

One Little Project also has these adorable craft ideas for a Pinecone Snowman ornament:

And Pinecone Ornaments with pompoms:

These tea light snowman are super cute, and their little noses light up! You will need tea lights, orange and black sharpie markers, felt pieces, glue, ribbon, small pom poms, and pipe cleaners:

Red Ted Art has this whirly gig paper plate tree which involves painting the plate green (if you can’t find a green plate) and hanging cut out paper ornaments on each level. It has a cool modern art look to it:

Kids Craft Room has these super easy and pretty icicle ornaments using just aluminum foil, string, glue and blue glitter:

All Together Christmas has a tutorial for Tin Soldiers made from Clothespins: In Germany look for Rundkopf Holz-Wäscheklammern to make these sweet and classic ornaments:

Geo-Lino also has instructions on how to make these good smelling oranges, though all you really need to do is pierce some oranges with cloves and then hang them up or put them on your heater around your apartment to give that nice Christmasy smell:

Send us a message if you have any other great crafting tips or links or let us know if you tried any of these crafts with your kids!

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