Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone!

We are are looking forward to a new year which will hopefully be better than the current one! Today we have a list of ideas for how to celebrate at home with your kids:

-Learn about New Year’s Celebrations from around the world! The Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose has put together this awesome PDF of traditions from 7 different countries with activity prompts:

-Take a night walk with homemade lanterns or flashlights! Check out this tutorial from Backwoods Mama for making a beautiful felt lantern, that we wrote about on our Winter Solstice post.

-Have a pajama/slumber party, or for a change of pace (we have admittedly been in pajamas for days!): dress up fancy! Get out the good china, and have a fancy dinner. Make appetizers like cucumber sandwiches and yummy dips like Liptauer. Red Tricycle has this awesome list of appetizers you can make in 30 minutes or less:

This is also the perfect time to support a local restaurant that might be only doing takeout!

Or, follow your own food traditions: My family always makes black eyed peas and ham hocks for good luck in the new year. In Berlin, if you have access to an outdoor space, a bonfire with Stockbrot (and marshmallows!) is always a nice tradition.

Mommy Nearest has some great ideas like “Looking Back to Look Forward:” Before the clock strikes midnight, go through the smartphone photos and videos from 2020 and take a trip down memory lane. Chat about the good times and the bad, but revel in the fact that even in the bad times there was something to be gained.  

She also suggests transforming the Christmas tree into a Resolution tree: After removing the ornaments, write down resolutions (or things you are grateful for) on pieces of paper, punch a hole, and tie a ribbon on each and hang them on your tree. 

-Hold a mock countdown: If your kids won’t -or can’t-stay up until midnight, make your own countdown at an earlier hour. Sydney will be hosting a fireworks show in their harbor (they are ten hours ahead of Berlin, so tune in at 2pm!) You could celebrate the new year with another country: choose one in an eastern time zone and look for their celebrations online. You can make your own countdown ball with a balloon or even a piñata. Some also suggest making a balloon to pop for each hour leading up to midnight but I don’t think I could handle it personally…

-Create a Bucket List for 2021: Here is a fun printable list from Hip2Save you can use for inspiration, writing down positive short and long-term goals.

Scoyo has this great PDF of (German) Achtsamkeit Übungen for kids:

Red Tricycle (copy and images by Gabby Cullen) has instructions on how to make your own confetti poppers! You would need paper rolls, construction paper, balloons, ribbon, markers, scissors, a hole punch, tape, hot glue or regular glue, jewels or sequins (optional):

Make an emoji 8-Ball: This super cute craft by Todays’ Parent will help you play at “predicting the future” You will need mall Styrofoam ball, emoji stickers, small round jar with lid (a spice or jam jar works well), washi-tape, scissors, glitter and water.

-Don’t forget to toast!: With sparking grape juice, Apfelschorle, lemonade, or root beer: be sure to make a festive toast to the new year with your kids! Happy New Year!

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