New Year’s Online Events for Kids

Hi Families! Happy New Year!
Here are a few family friendly online celebrations you can enjoy with your kids:
Story Pirates is an educational organization and a podcast that gives free writing classes to kids in New York and takes children’s stories and has professional actors perform them. They will be hosting a New Year’s Eve Bash online! It will be at 3-4pm EST, so 9-10 pm in Berlin. For more details and tickets ($15) go here:

The Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia will have a countdown from home: They will have a video that you can play at any time starting around 3pm Berlin time featuring music from Trinidelphia and a special Countdown to 2021 with Squiggles from Hamilton Hall!. Their webpage also has a list of fun activities for kids to get ready for the celebrations, including making your own instruments and fun recipes like ice cream pizza:

Oakland’s Chabot Space & Science Center celebrates the “noon year” with STEM activities and a festive balloon drop. 11am-12pm CST, so 7-8pm Berlin time. Sign up for ($10) tickets to the Zoom event here:
Happy New Year! And here’s hoping we get to see you at Saturday Club in 2021!

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