Potato Crafts

Hi Everyone! We are continuing our potato-themed week with some fun crafts you can do together with your kids. Please send us a message (and pics!) if you try any of these out, and check back in a couple of days for potato science projects!

The Potato Print gives us such beautiful results with such a simple and economic process. Here are instructions to make your own found off fun-stuff-to-do.com

  1. Cut a large potato in half. You can hand cut a pattern or shape into the potato, or for more exact shapes you can use a cookie cutter: Press the cookie cutter into the center of the potato. Then, leaving the cookie cutter in the potato, slice a rather thick slice around the pattern of the cookie cutter. Remove the outer layer of potato and then the cookie cutter from the shape.
  2. Let your potato dry or use a paper towel to remove excess moisture from the potato. (A very wet potato may prevent the paint from attaching properly.)
  3. Apply paint to the pattern. I would recommend printing ink, fabric paint or acrylic paint. Gouache and tempera would probably also work. Applying the paint to the stamp can be done with a paintbrush, small paint roller for more even distribution or by following the technique with a kitchen sponge shown in this tutorial.  You can also spread a thin layer of paint on a glass cutting board or dinner plate and cover your potato pattern with paint by simply pressing onto the paint.
  4. Keep a scrap piece of paper or fabric on the side to test your print on and to remove excess paint if applied with a brush. Simply press your potato stamp down on the paper or fabric you want to decorate. A few prints and you will know exactly how hard to press to get the effect you desire.


Make hedgehogs using toothpicks and googly eyes: http://www.naturesgiggle.com/potato-hedgehog/

Or…potato pigs with pipe cleaners, toothpicks, pink jellybeans and googly eyes, or make your own monster or “potato head” or person as you like!

You can see more “pets” and instructions here if you are strapped for inspiration: https://www.skiptomylou.org/potato-pets/

Edible Play-dough

Did you know you could also make play dough out of mashed potatoes? Here is the recipe: 

(Though technically edible, we don’t promise it would taste good.)

-Bake 5-6 potatoes and allow to cool.

-Remove the skins.

-Mash the potatoes. Let the kids to help!

-Add around 3/4 cup of flour for every 1 cup of mashed potatoes. Add the flour gradually kneading the dough as you go. The more you knead the dough, the more malleable/less sticky it will become.

-Add a few drops of food coloring as you knead to experiment with different colors.

(Source: https://stpeterfood.coop/crafts-with-potatoes/)

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