Don’t Know Much About History

Hi guys! One of the advantages of Facebook groups are the great tips you can get for educational resources. Here is a quick list of recommended books for little kids to learn about history:

Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales – they are graphic novel style and mostly cover conflicts, but they are pretty accurate and interesting.

‘Who was…?’ PenguinRandom Housebooks with over 250 titles (or Who IS if they are alive still.) The website has a link to an iPhone or iPad app you can download to play the Who’s Who adventure Game and other activity sheets.

“Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls”: by Francesca Cavallo.100 Tales of Extraordinary Women and their real-life adventures. illustrated by 60 female illustrators throughout the world. Also available in German.

“Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different: True Tales of Amazing Boys who Changed the World without Killing Dragons” by Ben Brooks, Illustrated by Quinton Wintor. Also available in German.

“I Survived …” 20 book historical fiction series….by Lauren Tarshis. publishedby Scholastic. Each book in the series tells a terrifying and thrilling story from history, through the eyes of a kid who lived to tell the tale.  Quote from a mom: “My son loves them. The one he just finished was about 9/11. He listened to the book and then came to me with his questions about what happened. I reviewed some videos on YouTube that I felt were appropriate for him to see and we had an open, honest conversation.” Additionally the “I Survived True Stories,” is a spin-off by the same author, with three stories told as graphic novels.

“Horrible Histories.” by Terry Deary for kids ages 6-12. They tell British and other Western world history with all the gross bits in, spanning from the Stone Age to WWII. They also have an 8-season British live action sketch-comedy TV series on Amazon Prime Video.


“Don’t Know Much About…” series, by Kenneth C. Davis. This includes books on the American Civil War, Geography, General American History and “The Hidden History of America at War.” This last one has some stuff at the elementary age but mainly for middle school or older readers.

“What They Don’t Teach You About History” by Tim Wood Little known historical facts with high gross out factor. A compendium of truly horrible facts about the past includes information on hygiene, fashion, crime and punishment, eating habits, and customs:

“Kid Legends” series written by David Stabler and Robin Stevenson and Illustrated by Doogie Horner, Anoosha Syed, and Allison Steinfeld: They are about historical figures when they were children. Kid Presidents, artists, scientists, athletes, activists, authors…

“A Really Short History of Nearly Everything,” by Bill Bryson, Based on his, “A Short History of Nearly Everything”, appropriate for ages 8+

Usborne Beginners History Box Set:  A ten book easy reader collection for primary school children covering Stone Age, Ancient Greece, Rome, Viking, Castles, Egyptians, and more.

Send us a message if you have any other great children’s book recommendations for learning about history. Would be interesting to get more world or non-western perspectives!

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