Google Arts and Culture Black History Month Collection

Hi Everyone! Happy Saturday!

Hope you are up for another couple of weeks of lockdown! In the meantime, we have some more educational resources to share that will keep your curious minds active and astonished.

Though we are far away from the U.S., it is important to learn about its history and acknowledge the experience of the African American. For a centralized source of online learning opportunities about the Black Experience in the United States, check out the Black History Month collection on the Google Arts and Culture site, which features photo galleries, videos, virtual tours of museums, and more modern reflections of Black history and culture. Access Google’s compiled collections of media made by Black artists, like the Smithsonian’s African American Art: Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Era, and Beyond; biographies of famous Black Americans, including sculptor Edmonia Lewis and civil rights lawyer Pauli Murray; as well as personal letters from modern Black celebrities like Yara Shahidi and Nas.

The site also hosts a central database of online accessible exhibits from museums and cultural institutions across the country, including The Museum of African Diaspora’s Slavery Narratives, Carnegie Hall’s interactive tribute to civil rights leaders and the National Park Services’ virtual walkthrough of African American heritage sites.

Please let us know if you have any other great links to share, and follow us for more fun tips, online activities, and educational resources.

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