A Few German Picture Books

Hello Everyone!

I’d like to recommend a few German picture books we came across, where the main character embarks on an adventure. The first one is called The NEINhorn by Marc Uwe-Kling and illustrated by Astrid Henn. It is a hilarious play on words with a very grumpy unicorn who meets and becomes friends with a WAS-Bär, a NA-Hund, and the KönigsDOCHter, who are all equally troublesome characters. You can see a video of Marc Uwe-King reading his book on Spiegel Live (recorded) here: The NEINhorn reading starts at 3:15.

The second book I’d like to recommend, is called Fussel und der Mutausbruch by Malene Walter, about a little fuzzball who leaves the comfort of his wool blanket to go on a great adventure. He gets bigger and stickier as he goes, the illustrations are beautiful, and the story is super sweet, encouraging kids to follow their dreams.

The third book, Adventure Huhn by Franziska Ruflair is technically a comic rather than a picture book, and although it is listed as 10+, I read it to my 7 year old and he loved it. The illustrations are cute and funny, and the story is a bit weird but the characters of the chicken and caterpillar are really hilarious. The chicken accidentally destroys the caterpillar’s cocoon, and then they go looking for silk to make a new one but get distracted by trying to help a frog princess. She has another Adventure Huhn book in the works (release date unknown) and we can’t wait to read it!

Featured Image: The Neinhorn by Marc Uwe-Kling

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