Art and Bees!

Hello Everybody! Happy Saturday! The KunstWerkStadt Berlin is offering a FREE art project during the Easter holidays for kids from 2nd-5th classes (in GERMAN), centered around everyone’s favorite insect, bees! It runs April 6th-11th, daily from 11-16:00, with bonus time on the weekend to finish everything up. Siblings in the 1st or 6th classes are also allowed to participate. Register online by Monday March 15th at their email address. and they will send you by post a surprise package with cool art materials and all the things your kid will need to draw, experiment and discover. During the week they will send you video messages and kids can also take part in a group chat. It is in partnership with the Moabees, a Moabit-based apiary.

Download the PDF.

Please Note: We are not paid to advertise and cannot attest to the quality of the services offered.

Featured Artwork: Elisa Dierson, Bärbel Rothhaar und Katja Marie Voigt :The Moabees

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