St. Patrick’s Day Picture Books

Hi Everybody! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today we have a quick list of picture book recommendations for St. Patrick’s Day, which can also be enjoyed year round. Please send us a message or comment below if you know of any other great books celebrating Irish heritage!

How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace: This rhyming picture book will have kids of all ages laughing. Learn how to set the best leprechaun traps!

The Leprechaun’s Gold by Pamela Duncan Edwards: A classical Irish legend of 2 harpists

O’ Sullivan Stew: (A Mighty GIrl Book Recommendation!) Someone has stolen the witch of Crookhaven’s horse, and there will be no peace in the village until it is returned. So bold, brassy Kate O’Sullivan takes matters into her own hands. But instead of saving the day, she manages to land herself–and her family–in trouble with the king. So Kate sets out to save their hides the only way she knows how — with a good story. She makes a deal: if she can convince the king that each of them has been in a worse situation than they are at that moment, he’ll let them go free. And the stew of stories she concocts is enough to impress even the most discerning sovereign! Filled with imagination, wit, and a healthy helping of good old-fashioned Irish blarney, this is a hilarious tale that will keep readers coming back for more.

Green Shamrocks by Eve Bunting (Scholastic): Rabbit is growing shamrocks in a pretty yellow pot, hoping to have them ready for the St. Patrick’s Day parade.  Watch what happens when the pot and the shamrocks go missing! (See Featured Image)

The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day: Natasha Wing’s “Night Before” series is all about giving a simple introduction to the meaning behind holidays, and this one is no exception! Learn about the traditions surrounding St. Patrick’s day in an easy to understand way.

Fiona’s Luck by Teresa Bateman: A folktale of leprechauns and luck with beautiful illustrations. A clever girl must find a way to outsmart the greedy Leprechaun King to bring the luck back to Ireland.

Hear it read out loud by Happy Cultivated!

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