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Celebrating Easter with Kids

Hi Folks! Easter is coming up!  In 2021, it falls on Sunday, April 4 (and Orthodox Easter on May 2). 

Today wee have some links to cool crafts you can do with your kids. Check back tomorrow, Friday and Saturday for more Easter fun with book recommendations, egg science, and child-friendly Easter recipes.


Using natural materials is always a plus in my book: it’s better for the environment and looks nicer too! (Plus the added benefit that it might not last so long so won’t clutter up your place!)

Here is a tutorial on making bunnies from leaves, but you don’t really need instructions. All you need are oval leaves, some paint, glue sharpies, twigs, and googly eyes:

You can just collect flowers, leaves, petals, and ferns, and make a collage in the shape of a bunny.

(Arts & Bricks)

Mother Natured has a really nice tutorial for making and decorating blown out Easter Eggs. You can even construct a little nest to keep it in.

Learning and Exploring Through Play created these adorable painted leaves as eggs: you just cut the leaves into oval shapes and decorate with paint, bows, pom poms, glitter glue, sequins, etc.:

You can also paint a nest for the eggs and glue them in. (See Featured Image)

I think I posted this last year (the tissue version) but these Easter Egg Sun Catchers from The Artful Parent are so simple and pretty, I am sharing it again:

Send us a message if you try any of these crafts or if you have any other awesome links or crafts ideas to share!