Hi Everyone!

This Easter, we have put together this fun list of “EGGS-PERIMENTS!” you can do together with your kids. Vivify Stem put together a list of science and engineering activities, all using EGGS and I found a few links as well. Let us know if you try any of these and –BE SAFE!

1. Seal the holes in plastic eggs with hot glue. Open and add a fizzy aspirin (Alka-Seltzer equivalent) tablet to one side and water in the other. Close the egg and quickly place it on the ground (outside). Watch it POP from the build-up of CO2! Discuss chemical reactions.

2. Walk on eggs! Put a large carton of eggs (or several) on the floor. Gently stand on them and walk on top of the eggs barefoot. Distribute your weight on as many eggs as possible with each step. Discuss the relation to one of the strongest architectural forms— the arch. 

3. Complete the bird nest STEM challenge. A twist on the common egg drop challenge, Engineer a nest to protect an egg dropping into it.

4. Try the classic squeeze a hard-boiled egg into a glass bottle experiment. Here is a video from BBC Earth Lab explaining how to do it.

5. Dissolve the shell of an egg by leaving a raw egg in vinegar. You will start a chemical reaction that dissolves the calcium carbonate shell. The acetic acid of the vinegar reacts with the calcium carbonate in the eggshell and releases carbon dioxide gas that you see as bubbles on the shell. The Science Guys have a video explaining this process, and also growing and shrinking eggs, and explaining osmosis: This experiment takes a couple of days. 

MR. HACKER has a really fun (non-narrated) video where he demonstrates his “Top 10 Egg Tricks and Experiments”: This includes visual and magic tricks, the egg in a bottle trick, the vinegar experiment, an easy way to “blow out” eggs using a plastic bottle, inflating the eggshell membrane like a balloon, exploding an egg (not recommended to try at home), and experimenting with weights. Be prepared to make a mess!

Check back tomorrow for our list of yummy kid-friendly Easter recipes.

Featured Image: TheSciGuys

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