Kid-Friendly Easter Recipes

Hi Everybody! Happy Saturday!

Just in time for Easter, we have put together a quick list of yummy and child friendly and -somewhat-healthy recipes:

Dr. Oetker has this recipe for super adorable baked lambs made from yeast dough, that is easy enough and fun to do with kids for the holiday. (in German) (see featured image.)

Here is a vegan Coconut Pana Cotta recipe by Rekka Bell that looks beautiful as well:

These adorable Easter nests from Eats Amazing are made from bagels, carrots, hummus and cream cheese and are a healthy treat for kids!

Meaningful Eat’s Babybel Bunnies, egg chicks and hummus cups are all healthy, cute and easy to make as well:

Superhealthykids has this mini wrap platter called Spring pinwheel that is colorful and great if you have a bigger family. You can use many different colorful fillings or just visit the Mediterranean dips truck at Hackesher Market or pick up some premade Liptauer.

A Beautiful Mess has the recipes for a percent Easter Brunch including these adorable pink bunny pancakes:

Finally for something sweet, BBC Good Food has these bite sized brownies that look like little Easter Eggs:

Please send us a message if you try any of these out, or if you have any other favorite recipes to share!

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