Making Comics with Lynda Barry

Hi Everyone!

Lynda Barry is a famous, award-winning American illustrator, comic artist, writer, and teacher. I’m a big fan, and while her comics are intended more for adults, a lot of young people can also get inspiration (and laughs!) from her works, writing, and fun and awesome drawing exercises. The Graphic Medicine Drawing Together Sessions have put out this great free two hour video where you can draw with Lynda Barry. You can watch the whole thing along with dancing, puppets, music, and step by step comic drawing!

Here is a drawing tutorial with her called “Face Jam” :

Here you can watch a video of Lynda Barry giving a really quick writing timed tutorial (20 minutes) including a meditation exercise called “Writing the Unthinkable.

A really fun 4 minute video by Lynda Barry called “I Can’t Draw” in which she shows that as long as you can write the alphabet, you can make comics!:

And finally, here you can watch an interview of Lynda Barry on Canadian Broadcasting Centre talking about how to access your inner creativity and discusses her book called Making Comics.

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