Celebrating Earth Day 2021

Hello Everybody! Happy Saturday! Every day is Earth Day, but the calendar says it is celebrated on April 22nd. Here is a quick list of things you can do with your kids to recognize Earth Day and encourage environmental awareness and conservation.

  1. Collect trash in a local park, playground, river or lakeside, give it a thorough bath with soap and a brush (and rubber gloves) and then make something with it. I recently watched a video of a young woman named Flora Blathwayt who is making greeting cards that incorporate tiny bits of trash that she has retrieved along the river Thames. East card has a clever or silly pun and lets the recipient know where the bit of trash was found. I could only find this video on Facebook, but you can see it here: Video about Flora. You can read an article about her here: My London News. And see her cards on Instagram.

2. Make an agreement with your family or roommates to eat at least one vegetarian or vegan meal per week. The Earth Day website has a page with some great plant-based recipes.

3. Pledge to save resources by turning off lights when not in use, and not letting the faucet run while brushing your teeth.

4. Start composting if you are not already: In Berlin they delivered composting trash cans to city residents in April last year. You can find more information about the composting cans and what can be disposed of in them here (in German): BSR Website

Basically it’s any biodegradable food items, kitchen paper and garden clippings or leaves. You can order a small container on the BSR website for just 5́ Euros: https://www.bsr.de/praktische_helfer.php. You can find out more about how to sort your trash in Berlin (in English) here: https://allaboutberlin.com/guides/sorting-trash-in-germany

5. Make land art with your kids, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy:

Images by Andrew Goldsworthy

6. Assemble a fairy garden in a ceramic pot:

7. Pledge to reduce plastic consumption by always carrying a reusable water bottle and shopping bag.

8. Visit earthday.org to download the toolkit, find local events, and find educational resources, more tips on what you can do to make a difference, and learn more.

Images Earthday.org

Please Note: We are not paid to advertise.

Send us a message if you have any other great links or tips to help us celebrate Earth Day and check back soon for more fun links and ideas.

Featured Image: Photo by Filip Urban on Unsplash

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