Horniman Museum at Home

Hi folks!

The Horniman museum and gardens in London has displays of anthropology, natural history and musical instruments, and is known for its large collection of taxidermied animals. The museum is dedicated to connecting people with global cultures and the natural environment, encouraging us to shape a positive future for the world we all share.

The Horniman has a put together a really great series of videos for learning at home: There is one on arctic adaptation, one on toys from around the world made from recycled materials, how to curate your own exhibition, ancient Benin and the lost wax process of bronze sculpture, turtles and the environment, and nature challenges:

There is also a page with some really wonderful arts and crafts activities including making you own soap, a recycled t-shirt tote bag, a carnival headdress, Adire dyed cloth, weaving and sewing activities, a Chinese Dragon, a bird feeder and much more! Click here to see the tutorials!

These projects are eco-friendly, multi-cultural and educational covering science, history, literacy, anthropology, geography and art and design topics.

All Images: The Horniman Museum

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